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We inform you, that according to Article 23, Paragraph 5 of Regulation No 24 for obligatory insurance, for an accident is considered each event that has happened against the will of the insured person and has occurred during a travelling (including getting on or getting out of a vehicle), and which has caused death or permanent disability of the insured person as a result of unexpected unforeseen acts or reasons of external origin in time up to one year from its occurrence. 

According to Article 23, Paragraph 2 for an accident is also considered:
1.Dislocations, strain and rupture of tissues, caused by a sudden exertion of the one’s own efforts;
2. The infections by which the contagious matter has penetrated in the organism of the injured person;
3. The body injuries or death, occurred during the transportation at the time of saving one’s own or somebody else’s life or property;

Article 24, Paragraph 1 In case of death of the insured person occurring as a result of an accident, which is covered from the insurance, the insurer pays the sum according to the contract.
(2) In case of permanent disability the insured person is paid the percent of the insurance amount according to the percent of permanent loss of the capacity for work; In case of a loss of limbs and other body organs, the percent could be determined without observing the three month period.
(4) When the insured person has already had a certain percent of permanent disability of the capacity for work before the occurrence of the accident, that percent is not taken into consideration in the determination of the permanent disability for work as a result of the accident.
(5) The insurance amount or the respective part of it is paid to the injured person, and in case of death – to her/his legal heirs.
(6) In case of a minor, an under limited interdiction or a disabled person, who has not got heirs, the insurance amount is paid to the people that have maintained this person.
(7) When the insured person, respectively his/her heirs are not of legal age or are under limited interdiction, the insurance compensation is deposited in their name in a commercial bank, which acts in the Republic of Bulgaria, about which the insurer informs them in a written form.  

Article 25 (1) In order to pay the insurance amount or a relative part of it, the insurer should be given the following documents:
1.Written request;
2. A ticket, a card or other original document, which approves that the injured person has been a passenger;
3. A document according to Article 22, Paragraph 1;
4. А copy of the death certificate and heir certificate in original or a protocol from Territorial Expert Doctor’s Commission;
5. Doctor’s certificates, protocols of Medical Consultative Commission and other documents, as well as explanations asked from the insurer;

(2) In case of a paid compensation for a permanent disability of the capacity for work as a result of the accident and a subsequent death of the insured person up to one year from the date of the accident, the amount due in case of death is decreased by the amount of the compensation.

Note: In order to issue a document, according to Article 22, Paragraph 1 of the Regulation, we entreat the passengers in case of an evidence in the vehicle to inform the driver of the vehicle (tram-driver or trolley driver), who will inform the dispatchers from the Central Dispatch Station, who have to register the case.

In case the person has been injured out of the vehicle, a claim is entered according to an obligatory insurance Civil Liability, according to Article 265 of the Insurance Code.

Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC at present till the end of 2009 works together with Bulstrad Insurance and Reinsurance Joint Stock Company. For more information please contact our insurer at Sofia, 1A Hashove Str. or www.bulstrad.bg


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