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Central Headquarters of the Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSCSofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC

Central Headquarters:

1232 Sofia, Bulgaria
193 Maria Luiza bul.

tel.: +3592-931-80-85;
tel./fax: +3592-931-61-84;

e-mail: eltrans@mail.bg

eng. Evgenii Ganchev
Executive Director
e-mail: eltrans@mail.bg

eng. Ivo Vasilev
Deputy of Operation Exploitation Department
e-mail: eltrans@mail.bg

eng. Petar Vasilev
Deputy of Technical Operations Department
e-mail: eltrans@mail.bg

eng. Plamen Koncharski
Deputy of Infrastructure and Powersupply Department;
Director of Transenergo and Railsroad Division
е-mail: koncharski@transenergo-bg.com

Structural Depotes

Tram Depot "Krasna polyana":
Address: Sofia, 149 Nikola Mushanov bul.
tel.: +3592-920-23-35

Tram Depot "Banishora":
Address: Sofia, 193 Maria Luiza bul.
tel.: +3592-831-70-93, fax: +3592-831-61-84

Tram Depot "Iskar":
Address: Sofia, Station Iskar, 5 "5003" str.
tel.: +3592-973-23-07

Trolley Depot "Iskar":
Address: Sofia, 7 Bezimenna str.
tel.: +3592-973-25-17

Trolley Depot "Nadejda":
Address: Sofia, 28 Podp. Kalitin str.
tel.: +3592-831-81-35, fax: +3592-832-60-87



"Tramkar" Department:
Address: Sofia 1618, 126A Tsar Boris III bul.
Director: +3592-855-40-94
tel.: +3592-855-10-38, +3592-856-50-21
fax: +3592-955-52-02
e-mail: tramcar@internet-bg.net

"Transenergo and Railsroads" Department:
Address: 1202 Sofia, 16 Kozlodui str.
tel.: +3592-931-81-19; +3592-931-23-17; +3592-831-19-92
fax: (02) 931-41-43;
е-mail: office@transenergo-bg.com  


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