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Development Strategy

Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC is a main structural unit of the integrated system of Sofia urban passenger system.  Sofia Municipality is the sole owner of the capital.

The company is an assignee of the first company for tram transport services for passengers.

Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC has got a single-level management system – Board of Directors consisting of three members, elected by Sofia Municipal Council. The Company is represented by the Executive Director – member of the Board of Directors.

As a result from the successful activities of all units and departments, in September 2008 the Company was awarded with certificate BG247/08, by which the management system of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC was evaluated and certified according EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The company, in particular its Transenergo and Railway Track Department owns a control licence /Eltranscontrol/ from the executive agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service.

The city of Sofia has the biggest and most complex urban transport system in Bulgaria. The system is integrated and includes tram, trolley, bus transport and metropolitan transport.

The main goal of the Company for 2009 is the equipment and technology of the transport process through financial optimization in order to achieve transport services of higher quality and economic and social efficiency corresponding to consumer requirements.

For the realization of the main goal Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC seeks to:

1. Maintain the technical status and renovation of the rolling-stock;

2. Improve the infrastructure and the element base of the catenary system and cable network  (ККМ) and the railway track;

3. Increase of the transport reliability and safety;

4. Develop environmental protection activities;

5. Improve the work organization of producing and management structures through adequate changes;

6. Promote the education and qualification level of the  personnel  /qualification courses, specializations, instructions, etc./;

7. Stimulate personnel creative thinking through professional development opportunities;

8. Introduce Quality Control System also to Tramcar Department, according to the international quality standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

At the scientific-practical conference, called “Green Paper on EU. For a New Culture of the Urban Mobility. Challenges and Opportunities” held at the beginning of 2009 in the city of Sofia, the chief architect of the capital Mr. Peter Dikov pointed out the main priorities for the urban transport development as the fastest, the high quality and comparatively cheap transport for travelling in the city. The role of the tram transport development, on one hand, is to continue to transport the main part of the passengers in the city, and on the other hand to provide a connection with the metro transport. A tram road is being planned from the center of Lyulin through Moderno Predgradie Quarter along Vruh Mancho Blvd. through Orion Industrial Zone to Skopie Blvd.  The road will connect the 1st metrodiameter with areas that had minimal or even no transport services. In connection with the track on Lomsko Shose Blvd., the municipality is planning to construct a tramway track as a replacement along the route Obelia Quarter – Nadezhda Quarter along Beli Dunav Str. and General Zhekov Str. to Rozhen Blvd. The third tramway track aims the construction of a line from the tram track of the Seminary along N. Gabrovski Str. through the crossroad of the oncological hospital to Studentski Grad. The municipality is also planning the extension from Iskarsko Shose of the wide tram line past Universiada Hall and to bring it to metro station 14 in Mladost Quarter. The bus and trolley transport reconstruction have to be subjected to the development of the metro and tram transport.


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